At one of our Dance Exec Seminars this year, the conversation geared towards skewed reality and perceptions via social media.

How are these digital projections influencing the self-worth and perception of many of our students? Long-term, will this impact their self-identity? With a digital thumbprint of a molded existence, will children feel conformed to match their parent’s personification  of their developmental years? We have no long-term knowledge, and it will be interesting to see the sociological and psychological implications.

In my world, I often refer to “Facebook” as “Fakebook”- people interact and project in a manner that often is not representative of their actual reality. Because it is such a false sense of reality, I try to separate myself from the online occurrences and focus on my actual relationship building.

The article Be Instead of Brag by Elizabeth Richardson Rau perfectly summarizes this disconnect. It is an interesting post that captures something that weighs heavily on my mind. As teachers, are we encouraging our students to appreciate the struggle and the success? Are our parents supporting that mission? And, if not, how do we make a difference?

struggle quote