When inclement weather looms, calls/emails/questions flood the studio. As a business, we never want to close the studio when we are supposed to be open, but if the weather is severe or dangerous, we certainly want our staff, students, and families to be safe.

Implementing an inclement weather, class make-up, and communication policy makes communicating unexpected closings significantly easier.

Here are some helpful strategies:

  • Develop an Inclement Weather Policy. Does your studio follow a local school system’s judgment regarding weather? If so, make sure that is communicated to your studio families via your studio’s policies and guidelines, welcome packet, and website. Be consistent in following the school system and repeatedly reiterate the protocol to your clientele.
  • Communicate! If you have a weather related closing, make sure you communicate the information to your clientele in detail. Send an email, post it on your social media, answer calls, and place the information on your voicemail. You can subscribe to variety of communication blast companies that can reach your clientele via phone/text message, too.
  • Share the Make-Up Policy. If students unexpectedly have to miss classes because of a weather-related studio closure, it is fair to offer the option of make-up classes. For our studio, it works best to have the impacted students make-up in a similar age division/skill division on a different day/time within a month of the missed class(es).This allows families the flexibility to choose a make-up day/time that works best for their needs.

Closing can be frustrating, but if you have a plan in place and stick to it every single time, it will make your business more consistent. Your clients will appreciate it!

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