How Your Studio Benefits from Having a Social Media Presence

By Jon Koerber, President ClassJuggler Dance.

Most dance studios today build a website for their business. Good plan! But, many dance studio owners have not yet discovered the value of also having a social media presence to represent their business (such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.), even though nearly all social media business sites are free.

There are three big reasons to have a social media presence for your business (maybe a dozen more reasons, actually, but we’ll focus on the big three): to build customer loyalty/connection, to generate new business, and to boost search engine relevance for your company website.

Let’s take glance at each.

Value #1 –Social media sites build customer loyalty/connection

It’s hard to use your website to have a conversation with your customers (parents and students), but “dialogue” is where social media sites excel.

Without knowing anything about HTML (the programming language of website construction), you can easily post messages or pictures or video on a social media site that your customers will appreciate.

And it’s a two-way street, because your customers who use the same social site can just as easily respond with a comment, question, or a web link to something related.

Creating a back-and-forth dialogue like this with your customers (both parents and students) gives your business a much more personable, human face. And, being perceived as warm and approachable (and timely and relevant and…) will build customer loyalty.

Value #2 – Social media sites generate new business

Depending on the nature of your posts, your social media presence will be noticed by not only your customers but potential new customers. Here’s why:

  • Google, Bing, and other search engines may link to your social media site, driving awareness of your business to local families who might not otherwise know about you.
  • And, when you post content that interests prospective customers (such as a video tour of your business, or a motivational quote about dancing), these prospects may find out about it when your social media subscribers share your content with others.

This means new exposure to your business – for free!

Value #3 – Social media sites boost your search engine relevance

One of the best ways to compete in your local market with other dance studios is to show up higher on the search results page of search engines, like Google.

When someone searches for, say, “ballet classes for kids in Los Angeles”, they will get an overwhelming response – more than a half million links!


But, here’s the thing; statistics show that people rarely look at more than the top 20 links. So, getting your business showing up higher in that list is important; the higher you show up, the more important/relevant your business is perceived.

What does having social media sites have to do with this? Lots. Your social site probably has one, or dozens, of links back to your website, each of which can boost Google’s perception of your relevance as a business. And when Google believes that your business is significant, it will often cause your business to show up higher in the search results.

Create a social media presence

With so many valuable reasons to have a social media presence, maybe it’s time to get started. In a follow-up article, we’ll help you get more value from your social media efforts by giving you a few simple tips on how to set up your social media presence or operate your social site’s activities to increase business exposure and customer loyalty. But don’t wait for it – go ahead and get started, because it’s easy to update and improve your dance studio’s social media site as you go.


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