The excitement surrounding this time of year is palpable, and you can use that to your advantage in the dance studio environment.

Here are a few MORE fun songs and activities to incorporate into your December classes!

Be sure to check out Holiday Dance Fun: Part I for more suggestions!

March of the Toy Soldiers

Students can pretend to be soldiers, marching from side to side and in varying formations. This is a great way to practice precision!

Snow Angel Stretching

Encourage students to make snow angels on the floor. For older students, have them start in this position and, via choreography, transition to a standing position. Allow students to share the story behind their movement.

Christmas Tree Stretch in Center Straddle

When sitting in second position on the floor, pretend your arms and legs are tree branches. Allow students to describe a decoration as the “tree sways” side to side for the stretch. When the tree is finished, put the tree topper on and stretch the arms up high. Then, stretch your arms in front to relax after all the hard work of putting up the tree (remember, to remind the younger dancers to engage their rotation)!

Jingle Bell Rock/ Jingle Bells

Distribute jingle bell bracelets to students (jingle bells on pipe cleaners) and allow them to use them in dances about jingle bells. You can also transition this into a fun rhythm and counting game with tap shoes!

holiday pattern

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