With the emergence of the  super strain of head lice, the conversation about awareness and prevention is relevant, especially in the dance studio environment.

Consider the following tips:

(1) Encourage dancers to follow your dress code’s hair requirements. This generally involves the hair being securely pulled back, decreasing the likelihood of spreading lice.

(2) Discourage the use of sharing any and all hair accessories, including brushes, hair ties, booby pins, combs, hairpieces, hats, etc..

(3) If an isolated incident or outbreak occurs in your studio, appropriately sanitize any props, mats, and/or flooring that may be impacted.

(4) Be educated. Read material that is thorough, educational, and factual. Be prepared with answers in case parents have questions.

(5) Maintain confidentiality. If a student has head lice, do not spread information about the student. Treat it professionally- as a private matter.