When I was young, I treasured my one American Girl Doll, Molly. I loved her because she wore glasses and enjoyed tap dancing (just like me!).

Since then, the American Girl Brand has significantly expanded, and I enjoy occasionally peeking into the NYC Store to see how the company has evolved.

One of their product lines is called “Girl of the Year”. For nine years, girls have anxiously awaited to see who the new girl will be and what she will love to do. The “Girl of the Year” is a limited edition doll that is usually  a hot commodity.

The 2014 Girl of the Year is Isabelle, and she loves to DANCE! Yes, that’s right- American Girl has an official dancer! Isabelle loves ballet, costuming, and the performing arts. Her story is set in Washington DC, and the American Girl site offers several ways to interact with her story and interests.

Think of all of the ways you can incorporate Isabelle’s activities and stories into your classes and camps throughout the year! You could have a “Bring Your American Girl Doll to Dance” day to celebrate Isabelle and her love of dance (as well as your students’ love of dance). There are many, creative ways to incorporate this into your programming– your students will love it!

Way to go, American Girl! We love seeing a dancer in your line-up! 🙂

ag isabelle

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