The hair and make-up process for dancers, especially competitive dancers, can be daunting. Instead of assuming parents and dancers understand the process of creating a particular hair and make-up “look”, host a seminar where the parent and child can go through the process, step-by-step, in a practice environment.

We host our seminar in early January. In December (a month in advance of the seminar), we email out a list that includes all of the supplies required for hair, make-up, tights, and shoes.

At the seminar, we go through the process of:

  1. Styling Hair (detailed to the location of the part)
  2. Applying Make-Up Properly (and using the proper colors)
  3. Applying False Eyelashes
  4. Checking for Correct Colors of Tights/Shoes

This makes everyone feel more prepared for the dress rehearsal prior to the first competition, and, at competition, everyone feels more at ease and prepared.


Attend the  Dance Exec Seminar!