Studio Owners can underestimate the power the recital has on your brand. At the end of each year, this is your culminating event that will ultimately affect registrations for upcoming seasons. The planning process should be taken incredibly seriously. Pre-planning, organization, preparedness, and professionalism are essential elements in creating a strong, cohesive positive performance experience for students, parents, and instructors. If people love your recital, then they will love your brand! In fact, if the recital is an enjoyable experience, your clientele will eagerly anticipate the arrival of the event each year.

This segment lists out the many factors that contribute to a well-rounded production.  Allow yourself plenty of time to think through options and produce the event. A great recital is not something that can be organized overnight. If you take your time and incorporate your passion, then the event will become a great, nostalgic memory and a memorable part of your studio’s legacy.