To create a team, you have to have interested dancers. You can find interested dancers in a variety of ways: (1) audition, (2) invitation, (3) open acceptance, or (4) a combination of the above.

Around recital season, The Dance Exec’s studio holds auditions for the upcoming season. If there are certain students that would benefit from being a part of the competition team, they are encouraged to audition. Auditions are open to everyone, and as long as the students are prepared to handle the requirements of being a part of the group, everyone is accepted to a certain extent (even if that means only being a part of one or two group dances). Our philosophy is that everyone can grow through this opportunity, and if a student shows interest and is willing to work, it would be a disservice to not allow him or her a spot on the team.

The auditioning students are given a required skill set prior to the audition date, so they know exactly upon what they are being judged. In addition to technical skills, the students must also learn and perform combinations, and they may be asked to demonstrate a variety of ballet skills and technical knowledge. A panel of 3-5 judges scores the audition, and with their scores, recommendations are made for solos, duets, trios, small groups, guest artist choreography, etc. The students are also scored on personal appearance (i.e. did the student follow the dress code that was set forth) and performance qualities (facial expressions, musicality, etc.). We also interview students individually to inquire about their interest level and to discuss personal goals.

In order to audition, the student and parents must submit a signed copy of the handbook for the year (which is published prior to auditions) and an audition form. The students are charged an audition fee.

After auditions, students are notified of their suggested routine roster within one week. Upon receipt of their proposed routine roster, the student may choose to accept or decline membership.