Once community connections are established, you have think about how you can brand your business through potential satellite programs to increase exposure and maximize profit. Below are some examples of how The Dance Exec’s studiouses community relations to benefit the studio:

Area Preschools

Prior to opening, The Dance Exec’s Studio built a rapport with a few area preschools that were located closest to the studio. These connections have been hugely beneficial to the studio, particularly in the areas of establishing a business reputation and building customer loyalty. Whether the studio regularly or intermittently visits the preschools, the community connections are imperative to our marketing strategy. For details on starting preschool programs in your area, be sure to check out The Dance Exec’s Satellite Programming Guide.

Other Satellite Programming Opportunities

In the same vain as preschools, a great programming resource for your studio brand is offering satellite programming at area country clubs, parks and recreation programs, public and private schools, mother’s clubs, etc. After all, there is no better way to build your brand than to demonstrate your service and offerings to as many audiences as possible.

The potential involved with satellite programming is huge, and your business should not overlook it. The Dance Exec’s studio has established two satellite programs that currently contain 160 additional students (and these programs are constantly growing and evolving).

When you work to further expand your brand and business, it also strengthens your brand and reputation. Do not allow yourself to become idle and complacent. If you are not promoting your brand, someone else will be promoting their brand, and you may risk losing prospective clients.

For more information on starting and establishing satellite programs, please reference The Dance Exec’s Satellite Programming Guide.