One of the most imperative elements of becoming a business owner is the ability to network. In fact, to be a success in anything, you will have to network. The phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” exists for a reason.

Occasionally, it seems as though the dance studio owner becomes too narrow minded in the pursuit of building social connections. Networking within the dance world is imperative, but studio owners should challenge themselves to break away from a one-minded mentality. Network in your community as much as you network within the dance world. Between these two areas, there are many ways to reach out and connect with professional acquaintances:

Networking Opportunities Within the Dance World:

  • Educational Organizations Targeted Towards Dance (Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America, Cecchetti Council, etc.)
  • Fellow Teachers and Studio Owners
  • Master Teachers/Choreographers
  • Competition Owners
  • Costume Company Representatives
  • Internet Discussion Forums
  • Dance Publications
  • Dance Conventions & Summer Workshops
  • Continuing to Train as a Student
  • Dance or Arts Related Organizations or Boards in Your Area

Networking Opportunities Outside of the Dance World:

  • Local Preschools
  • Country Clubs
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Churches
  • Community Events/Festivals
  • Community Organizations (i.e. The Chamber of Commerce)
  • Photographers / Videographers
  • Theatre Organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Local Area Businesses
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Fundraisers
  • Banks
  • Junior League or other Women’s/Men’s Groups
  • Networking Groups
  • College Alumni Organizations
  • Boards Outside of the Arts World
  • Public Officials in Your Area

In short, take every opportunity to introduce your business to the world. Never turn down the opportunity to build connections and foster relationships. You never know how someone will discover your business. For example, while having a prescription filled at Target, the pharmacy technician recognized The Dance Exec’s Studio (via the logo on our t-shirts) and proceeded to inform the rest of the pharmacy that the dance studio is a great place for training. Similar transactions have occurred at the mall, in restaurants, and at community theatre and arts events. Keep your eyes open at all times; you never know when you might have the opportunity to positively promote your business.