Today, we are thrilled to introduce a Multi-Part Guest Series by Kimberly Fitch. In the first, 6-post series, we will discuss The Pros of Hosting a Pro. Enjoy!

Balancing the Benefits of Guest Artists:

by Kimberly Fitch

It’s that time of the year again! You feel the excitement of eager dancers ready to leap through the doors of the studio to begin working towards their 2014-2015 goals! Meanwhile, you have the incredible reward of seeing the growth in your dancers from the year prior, as you strategize how to continue moving in that same direction this year. Having a stellar in-house staff is surely the first step in achieving this continuous improvement. Today, with the abundance of insane talent in the dance world, every studio now has the opportunity to supplement their dance program by bringing in guest instructors and choreographers, for master classes, choreography or both!

I believe, like all things in life, the first time is the scariest and balance is everything! Being able to learn from various artists at a young age truly contributed to my success as I stepped out of my small town studio and into Big Apple audition rooms. After over a decade as a working professional dancer in NYC and LA, as a choreographer that tours to upwards of 30 studios each year with my company KFiNC Dance Intensives & Choreography and as a seasoned judge and convention teacher, I can honestly say the difference in dancers that are exposed to outside artists is evident almost instantly in the studio, on stage and in auditions.

There are certainly understandable reasons that cause studio directors to hesitate, so over the course of this week and next we will explore the many benefits and touch on the cons of hosting guest instructors and choreographers. If executed in a manner that matches your studio’s culture and dancer’s needs, this leap of faith will be definitely be worth it!

As a wise man once said…
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Stay tuned as we explore the many pros (and a few perceived cons) over the next several days!

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