I found a wonderful, locomotor skills game via No Time For Flashcards– “Musical Hearts: Gross Motor Games for Kids”. Enjoy this idea, but dig deeper into the site for even more fantastic ideas and resources!


The premise of this game lies in creating gross motor skills on “hearts”– the instructors plays music, and when the music stops, the student must find a “heart” and demonstrate the given instruction.

You can read detailed instructions here.

What’s even better? You can create a game for every season!

January: Snowflakes

February: Hearts

March: 4- Leaf Clovers

April: Bunnies or Easter Eggs

May: Flowers

June: Sunshine

July: Beach Pails or Beach Balls

August: Flip-Flops or Apples

September: School Buses

October: Pumpkins

November: Turkeys

December: Trees or Bells

You can also customize the game to match your summer camp themes.

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