Spring Break is either ending or beginning for many dance studios, and I think this is an important time to reflect on how we can fuel and maintain our passion for our art. With any subject, teaching is an investment of the heart, mind, and soul. If you are giving 110% of your energy to your students, your classes, and your studio, you must identify ways to maintain your inspiration, creativity, and drive.  Your schedule should reflect a balance of career-related choices that motivate your in-classroom decisions to share with your students. Take time to do what you need to do to stay fresh, excited, and motivated and protect yourself from falling victim to complacency.

Here are some suggestions for fueling your passion:

  • Attend Shows ( local, regional, touring, or Broadway)
  • Attend Art Exhibits
  • Choreograph Outside of the Studio Environment (musicals, fashion shows, flash mobs, charitable events, etc.)
  • Take Classes for Yourself (dance, pilates, yoga, etc.)
  • Volunteer Within the Community
  • Maintain A Supportive Personal and Professional Network
  • Read Books & Listen to Music
  • Allow Yourself Personal Time

I know how easy it is to not have time to do any of the above; however, I am learning the importance of making time for things outside of the studio that progress, support, and encourage productivity within the studio environment.

How do you choose to fuel your passion? We would love to hear! flowers