When footUndeez were first revealed, they truly represented a shift in the evolution and construction of the lyrical sandal.

After all, remember these?

lyrical sandal


Or, how about these?

lyrical sandal 2

footUndeez implemented a less obtrusive, bare/natural look of the foot, while assisting in dancer’s need to turn and move on stage. The product started a trend that resulted in a fashionable/patterned line and a rhinestone line, as well as prompting several other brands to create their own interpretation of the shoe (Dance Paws, etc.). Dancers eagerly flocked to acquire footUndeez in cheetah print, camo print, and pink polka dot print (wasn’t there even a tattoo print?). They were fun, financially reasonable shoes that allowed dancers to express themselves in class and on the convention circuit.

But, the questions is, are footUndeez the best shoe choice for on-stage performance?

lyrical sandal 3


Are you using footUndeez on stage? Does the look enhance your dancer’s feet? Do you wear your footUndeez with or without tights (see our Tight-en It Up article for more on this topic)? Is there another shoe choice that might work better?

Or, do you prefer half-soles?

lyrical sandal 4

Different looks are prevalent in different parts of the country and world, and we are interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic! Please feel free to share in the ‘comments’ section below.  🙂



2 Responses to footUndeez: An Onstage Fad or Faux Pas?

  1. Elisabeth says:

    As a performer, I hate footundeez!! I don’t like my toes being exposed like that especially when dancing on a wood floor. I feel like they stick to the floor awkwardly. As a contemporary teacher, I let my students wear what makes them comfortable except for jazz shoes because I don’t like the line the slight heel of a jazz shoe creates. A lot of the younger students like the colorful footundeez and think they are cool. I do make my high school students wear the half ballet shoes for contemporary because I like the line they create and they don’t have the toes exposed. However, when dancing on Marley, I’d rather be barefoot over any type of shoes. I danced all through college barefoot on Marley, but the studio I work for sadly does not have Marley.