My path first crossed with Kimberly Fitch during a StarQuest judging weekend in March 2011 (in Hackensack, NJ). We immediately connected, and since then, I am not only honored to call her a friend, I have also had the pleasure of hosting her as a guest instructor at my studio. Kimberly’s personality is warm, energetic, and fun, and she approaches her work methodically, strategically, and with care. Students have an immediate, positive response to Kimberly’s enthusiasm, and it is a joy to watch her in action! Whether Kimberly is teaching, choreographing, judging, dancing, acting, doing voiceovers, or a myriad of other possibilities, she approaches each and every opportunity as a serious priority.

Kimberly was able to take a quick break from her busy  schedule to complete our Featured Guest Q & A.

Full Given Name: Kimberly Marie Fitch

Where You Grew Up: A small town called Churchville-Chili in Rochester, NY

Favorite TV Show: Well, most of my TV viewing these days takes place on planes BUT when I do have a chance to watch TV, I love the cinematography in Game of Thrones and for a good chuckle I watch New Girl and Modern Family

Great ReadOn Becoming World Class by Judd Biasiotto and Genome by Matt Ridley

Currently on Your iPod: ‘That Wasn’t Me’ by Brandi Carlisle and Mumford & Sons. I am re-obsessed with the Contact soundtrack and my go to song to get psyched for Rehearsals & Auditions is always Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’

Dance Inspirations: Shirley Temple and Desmond Richardson

Memorable Dance/Career Moment: The first time I truly let go and danced without worrying about technique, my first televised job dancing for Britney Spears, and the first time I was able to dance again after my hip surgery…all three brought tears to my eyes for very different reasons.

Advice to Dance Studio Owners: Focus on building dancers who are beautiful people. Not only will it help in all aspects of their lives, but it also shows in their movement and will make them more interesting and marketable dancers (and people!). The best dancers are both technically proficient and true performers and one cannot exist without the other. Amazing technique without a story or vice versa will limit your students so make sure they understand WHY they are doing each and every movement and also HOW to execute it properly. I think my biggest assets have been my versatility and being able to decipher when to dance like an individual and when to blend. A lot of young dancers do not do choreography as taught because they want to make it “their own” or they haven’t been exposed to outside choreographers. Individuality will shine through, regardless, so being able to do the choreography exactly as the choreographer intends will be rewarding in both booking jobs and in growing as a versatile dancer/choreographer. Above all, be GENUINELY kind and supportive to EVERY human you come into contact with in your life.  We are all in this together. 🙂

Kimberly Fitch is a professional dancer, choreographer, actress, and voiceover artist based out of NYC and Los Angeles. She has performed in all genres of the entertainment world with credits including: Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Ricky Martin, N’SYNC, West Side Story (Graziella), La Cage Aux Folles (Anne), MTV Upfronts, Law & Order, The Bold & the Beautiful, and countless commercials, television appearances, music videos, awards shows, and so on. When not performing, Kimberly choreographs commercially and tours the US and Canada with her company, KF iNC Dance, creating award-winning pieces and hosting 2-Day Dance Intensives and Dance Doctor Competition Cleaning events at studios. Visit and for more information. 

phone 213 - 910-1812