Failure is never something we anticipate or desire, and it can take on many different forms in our industry- a lost venture, an imperfect routine or performance, less than desirable results, etc. Our infrastructure is molded to force the idea and optimism of continued, perpetual success (i.e. multiple levels at competitions), and I have to wonder if that is working for or against the long-term value of the dance (and life) experience.

A few months ago, one of my colleagues (and an Owner of an amazing studio with incredible talent) posted about her studio’s competition failure. She admitted it wasn’t a great day, and she emphasized the values and lessons the students took away from that experience. The number of people that commented in support of her post was astonishing. We all experience failure in our own way and at our own time, but, sometimes, we are so focused on building greatness or the repercussions of consequences that we overlook the importance of failure in the journey.

Just yesterday, one of my friends, Michael Roderick, posted the following on his Facebook: “One of the biggest factors in your success is how you deal with failure. There is gold in the wreckage of everything that went wrong. Find it.”

Embrace failure. Learn from it. Make it a pivotal part of your future successes. It will last in the moment and beyond.

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