Do you know anyone that believes in order to be an artist you must also be financially unstable? We’ve all heard of the “starving artist”, and, chances are, the majority of the arts’ population has felt financially insecure at some point during his/her career.

The purpose of today’s post is to empower you to unsubscribe from this mentality. Use your business, skill, or service to support your financial needs.  If you are able to use your art to finance or subsidize your livelihood, be proud.

Here are a few tips to help your mindset evolve:

  1. Be business minded in your artistic pursuits. Plan, set goals, and measure results.
  2. Uphold your end of every agreement.
  3. Value and respect your professional relationships.
  4. Seek ways to ignite and inspire your creativity.
  5. Understand, the path to success is not easy. It requires hard work, challenges, failures, resilience, and perseverance. But, it can be achieved, and YOU can achieve it!

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