In the dance industry, we are fortunate that our everyday clothing consists of athletic wear. From classes to conventions, we are constantly moving and on the go. Even when we, as instructors and studio owners, are dressed for dance work, it is important to maintain a professional image, especially when serving in a leadership role. After all, dress is a direct reflection on you and your brand and will influence how your clients and other members of the dance world interpret your business. Consider the following:

  1. Your Audience: If you are going to be around students, parents, and clients, then it is important that your athletic attire fit your role as a leader and business owner. Your dress should be appropriate and should err on the side of conservative apparel.
  1. Be Cautious with Trends: The dance world is full of trends. Be comfortable with your personal style and realize that you do not have to subscribe to current trends. Certain looks will not work for everyone. Stay true to your individual style.
  1. Dress Appropriately for Your Age/Physique: It is important to choose styles that are flattering for your age and physique.  Be conscience of what looks great.
  1. Keep It Classy: When in doubt, ask yourself if you saw someone else wearing it, would you consider it classy?

The same suggestions can also apply to wardrobe choices for competitions, performances, and other studio events. When wearing casual, dressy, or formal apparel, it is a great opportunity to showcase your personal style. Allow your dress to reflect your studio’s culture, and keep in mind that dress is as a representation of your personal brand and/or business.

The article, What do your clothes say about your business? by Nusha Balyan, briefly discusses the importance of wardrobe selection and its impact on your brand.

This quote says it all:

“Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.”- Euripides.