Getting things right takes time!  Multiple people should check every piece of information you distribute- sometimes, multiple times

A few examples of information include:

  • Studio Schedules
  • Emails
  • Information Regarding Events
  • Account Information
  • Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Posts
  • Website Content
  • Policies & Guidelines
  • Anything that is printed!

Each time this information is reviewed, it will be edited.  It takes more time and planning to process information through this system, but it helps reduce the transmission of incorrect information.

Mistakes may still happen, but the occurrence rate is much lower. In rushing to transmit information, there is a risk of making mistakes that will take more time to correct versus getting it right the first time.

Plus, the error rate of your brand and business directly correlates to client perception of the business. Take the stand of “getting it right” in all areas- office, communication, classes, staff, etc., and watch your culture grow!

get it right

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