Dance Execs, there is no doubt that we entered this field because we are passionate individuals that love dance, education, children, and art. Our emotions are directly tied to our field of work, and it is important to continually consider the goal and impact of our prospective legacy. How will we leave our mark on society? What defines our business, brand, and individualism? How do we choose to set ourselves apart from other studios, dance educators, and opportunities/experiences? What do we choose to implement to guarantee an impressionable experience on each and every one of our clientele? Identify your unique characteristics and make your decisions based on the sustainability and future of your legacy.

When I consider thoughts of legacy, culture, passion, and identity, I immediately think of my friend Michael Ian Cedar. Michael has a blog, Ask Yourself In Entertainment, and it is constantly offering relevant questions, thoughts, and challenges to consider in creating your career, connections, and legacy.

Here are a few of my favorite, topical articles for my fellow Dance Execs:

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On Personal Achievement

Check out the site this weekend, subscribe to future articles via email, and introspectively consider the posed questions and topics. I guarantee it will offer some beneficial food for thought! legacy