Each year, dance studios pour millions of dollars into businesses that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of dance studios: competitions, conventions, business software, classroom attire, dance costuming, backdrops, ballet barres, dance shoes, and more. With studios using these businesses across state lines, how do we communicate the exceptional, the good, the bad, and the ugly of our experiences? With our industry being highly specialized, it is relevant, necessary, and time to have a forum where we can openly (and specifically) discuss the events we attend and the products we choose.

DanceCompetitionHub answers the need, providing a site where parents, students, instructors, and studio owners can candidly share their personal experiences. Similar to Yelp, the site relies on users to rate events, products, and experiences and share detailed comments to support their rating(s). The site hosts platforms for reviewing nearly 200 conventions/competitions and 100 vendors/supplies (and the list is growing each day).

The site is complimentary to users, and you can sign-up for an account here. When posting reviews, your username, state, category (parent, instructor, etc.) and an avatar (a small, dance picture) will appear. To heighten anonymity, the site encourages users not to use their real name as their username. On the site, reviewed products have an opportunity to comment and respond to feedback, and the site is moderated for appropriateness, abuse of terms, etc.

The most exciting component of the site is that it relies on us, the dance industry, for its success. We have an opportunity to have a voice, a support network, and a place to share information with our peers. With this year’s regional competition season and recitals coming to a close, it seems like a great time to join DanceCompetitionHub to reflect and share your experiences from the past season. As more people join and contribute, the site will become more informative and valuable. When the dance community pulls together, we are strong and powerful. If we all pull together to contribute to this site, it will be a wonderful resource for everyone. As the Hub’s tagline promotes, “Rate, Learn, Grow!”

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