With the end of the dance season upon us and summer camps right around the corner, it can be fun to insert a fun game into your lesson planning for 5-10 minutes for a quick change of pace.

Most, young students (ages 3-7) understand and enjoy the basic concept of the game Duck Duck Goose.

Tailor the game to your dance curricula by using dance terminology instead of the words “Duck Duck Goose”.

You may either assign terms or have students draw terms from flashcards.

(I always like to have the group demonstrate and pronounce the terms prior to the start of the game.)

For Example:

Ballet: Plie Plie Tendu

Tap: Shuffle Shuffle Balchange

Jazz: Chasse Chasse Battement

It is a fun way to practice recognizing and understanding terminology, and it is a great way for students to insert the terms into their vocabulary!

duck duck goose