With Summer Camps, games are a fun way to offer variety in the curriculum. Most people know and understand the premise of musical chairs, but the following variation is an easily adaptable version for the dance studio.

  • Use poly dots/stars/shapes/hula hoops instead of chairs. This will be the destination point when the music stops. After each round, remove a few items until only one (or a few) dancers are left.
  • Use music that fits the camp/ class theme (e.g. Beach Themed=Under the Sea for music & “Fish in the Water” for game title)
  • Encourage students to dance in a certain way with particular poses on the freeze. Often, students will try hover near a spot; make sure they know they are expected to move all around the dance area!
  • Once a student is “out”, encourage them to join your judging panel to determine the next “out”. This is a positive, inclusive way to make them feel as though they are still part of the game.

Students love this game and want to play it over and over- it really engages their attention and utilizes their motor coordination!

poly dots