Being a dance educator serves a multi-faceted purpose:

1. You are entrusted to provide a technical foundation to your students.

2. You are expected to instill an understanding of style and expression in each student.

3. You must  fulfill your art via your choreographic endeavors, while balancing and developing the dancer’s technique and performance qualities.

This is a challenging series of roles and expectations. The technical and stylistic qualities are more objective components; however, once choreography begins, dance transitions to the choreographer’s medium for expression and art.

Because dance is the choreographer’s medium, it can be challenging or frustrating when the process and/or vision is interrupted, questioned, or interfered. Art is subjective, and the creation of a piece is a process that should be respected. As an artist, there is pressure to continually create to a certain level or standard, and in creating a piece of work, time and space is important in creating the best possible art.

It is a challenging, delicate balance that many of us take on in so many ways- we are educators and artists using the medium of dance to express our art and our voice.

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