It seems like costumes become more glamorous and elaborate with each competition season, and the price tags can be daunting. With custom costumes generally ranging from $250-$500+, the custom consignment industry has proven beneficial for our clientele. This is a great way to purchase secondhand, custom costumes at a reduced price and re-sell custom costumes that have been made or purchased for your dancer.

Some of our favorite custom consignment shops are:

  1. Encore Costume Couture
  2. The Costume Corner
  3. Pageant Resale
  4. Dance*Gymnastics*Ice Skate Boutique

 Do you have any custom costume sites or sources you would like to share? We would love to hear about them!

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One Response to Custom Consignment Costumes

  1. This is the time of year (June to Sept) when Encore Costume Couture is accepting competition dance costumes to sell for studio owners and or parents. We need to get the word out? It is such a positive message for various reasons from reuse and recycling gorgeous costumes to funding the following years dance bills. There are studios that can be showcased as models of how this is a win win. They actually coordinate the collection of the costumes and administer the money after the sale is completed. We work as a team and they are very pleased with the results.
    Appreciate any and all help to get the word out!!!!!!