When it comes to your business, it is important to crunch the numbers to know what does and does not work your dance studio’s goals.

For statistical purposes, this is also advantageous to review and compare year after year.

A few examples of “Dance Studio Number Crunching” include:

  • Population of Varying Class Divisions/ Levels (for schedule planning & maximizing profitability)
  • Recital-Related Purchases (T-Shirts, DVDs, Additional Items, Program Ads, etc.)
  • Recital Planning (Cast Size, Ticket Supply & Demand, Need for Backstage Volunteers)
  • Income Generation/ Cash Flow
  • Profitability & Effectiveness of Varying Programs (Camps, Performance/Competition Teams, etc.)

Think about it- when you know the numbers, you can make business decisions with confidence. This is reassuring and exciting because it results in the best outcome for your business!

number crunching