culture paradigm

The Sergay Group created this wonderful infographic for you to consider. Take a look at it and consider how your dance studio handles each division/component of the cultural paradigm.

At your dance studio, do you abide to the philosophy of corporate culture? Do you have goals, missions, and standards? Do you, your administration, faculty, students, and parents buy into the culture of your studio?

If you have not taken the time to consider your studio’s culture, it is imperative that you instate philosophies that will be core to your daily operations. Having central beliefs will align everyone to the same mission, and if someone struggles to abide by these philosophies or balances on the fringe of your beliefs, you will easily recognize and identify that your business may not be the best fit for him/her. Try it! You will feel more confident in your corporate identity and brand, and your dance studio will thrive because of it.