It is absolutely imperative that dancers are strong, physically fit, and able to endure the rigors of dance performance. A conditioning regime allows dancers to opportunity to strengthen their bodies to compliment their technical and stylistic dance training and prevent injuries.

Conditioning typically includes:

  • Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Core/Abdominal Work
  • Arm/ Back/Leg Work

At our studio, we have found it optimal to offer conditioning classes separate from technique classes so that we can have time to dedicate solely towards these exercises.

When leading dancers through conditioning exercises, it is important to reiterate the purpose of the exercise and explain the detail of the execution, placement, and alignment of the body.

Here are two articles specifically targeted towards conditioning for dancers:

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We have also created a Conditioning Exercises Board on Pinterest. You can follow the board here.

When you incorporate conditioning into your curriculum, you are bound to see vast improvements in performance, stamina, and technical aptitude!