Competition season is upon the dance industry, and details, organization, and communication are key in making your studio’s competitive events successful and stress-free (whether you are a studio owner, instructor, parent, or student).

Your Daily Dance is a wonderful blog organized by a super in-touch, insightful dance mom that features a thorough, printable competition checklist (and many other dance related articles and videos!). Print it out and start your organizational process sooner rather than later.

Additionally, the Systemizing and Managing segment of The Dance Exec’s Competition Team Guide reiterates the importance of providing as many details as possible to your team. This may include all you need to know guides for specific events and custom costume checklists for each routine. Keeping your staff, students, and parents informed is very helpful in eliminating confusion and creating a positive, memorable experience.

Stay tuned for more competition-related posts! Feel free to share any organizational tips or methods that work for you in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!