With competition season upon us, the chaos of completing costuming, entering events, rehearsing dances, finalizing props, and organizing your students and parents can be overwhelming (and, to think, that’s typically only one facet of your business!).

In the process of planning and entering routines for competition season, make sure you pay close attention to the following:

  1. Student Age: Make sure the student’s date of birth is entered correctly.
  2. Category: Does the routine properly fit the category? Double check acro trick limits and make sure routines are placed appropriately. Categories and rules vary with different competitions.
  3. Time Limit: Keep your routines within (or under) the designated time limits for the type of routine (solo, production, group, etc.).
  4. Level: With a myriad of levels available at varying competitions, make sure you understand the rules and specifications of each level within each competition.
  5. Adjudication: Familiarize yourself with the scoring system at different events.
  6. Check and Double Check: Make sure your routines are fully submitted and that you have included ALL dancers in their appropriate, corresponding routines.

Entering events is a lot of work. Take the time to know the event. Be thorough, and get it right. Have someone else double check your work. In the end, you will appreciate it, your clients will appreciate it, and the competitions will appreciate it!

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