Dance studios are truly altruistic in nature. I love seeing dancers and studios participating in charity events, fundraisers, benefit performances, and more. Our willingness to give truly makes a difference, and I think it one of the most endearing facets of our industry.

We have found Classes For A Cause to be a very successful method for raising funds for varying charities. With this method, a themed class is offered for our students/parents. The event is a fun class and that is donation based to the charity of choice. We have offered Classes For A Cause for a variety of fundraisers– from raising money for the American Red Cross after the Haitian Earthquake to raising money for a team for the Lupus Foundation Walk. It is so rewarding to see the studio uniting for a great cause!


How does your studio effectively raise funds for charitable causes? We would love to hear what works for you.

For more suggestions on growing your studio’s presence in your community, check out ourĀ Community Integration Guide.

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