Do you have a Website?  The answer should be: “Yes!”

If so, is your domain name:

  1. Concise?
  2. Easy to remember?
  3. Easy to spell? (ex. or
  4. Relevant to your business?
  5. Professional?

Consider the following:

  • Your website is your online storefront, and your domain name is your online address and landing page. Make it count!  You can purchase a domain name via GoDaddy for approximately $10 per year (there are other sites for acquiring domain names, too).
  • If your ideal domain name is taken (e.g., try adding your city to the end ( or using recommendations from GoDaddy (
  • If you built your site using a free website builder (such as Wix or Weebly), the given domain name is too long and unwieldy. Plus, the Wix or Weebly domain names will search as or, which is generic and unhelpful to your specific brand. If you have used a free website builder, you can transfer the to site to a purchased domain name.
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