To build excitement for an upcoming competition season, performance, or event, consider implementing a Spirit Week at your studio. This will promote studio spirit, unify your students, and create lasting, fun memories that are reflective of your studio’s culture.

Here are some ideas:

  • Implement a Studio Mascot
  • Signage: Create and post signs or banners that are supportive for the studio and/or upcoming event(s). You can create the signage, or you can have the students’ design and create the artwork.
  • Themed Days: Themed days are a great way to generate excitement. Examples include: Studio Apparel Day, Wear Your Favorite Dance Costume Day, Wacky Tacky Day, PJ Day, Hat Day, Sparkle Day, and Twin Day.
  • Mailboxes: It can be fun to create “mailboxes” (i.e. manila envelopes) for team members to offer short, encouraging notes and words of inspiration.
  • Special Treats: Sometimes, celebrating with a special treat can be fun and exciting: a pizza party, ice cream party, or a small, motivating trinket can break the seriousness of preparation and build team camaraderie.
  • Give Back! Challenge your dancers to a service task. It can support an organized agency, or it could simply be a “good deed” challenge.

When you have your Spirit Week, make sure you publicize it in advance and document the fun via photos and social media!