In our profession, we typically follow the school calendar, meaning that WINTER BREAK is right around the corner!

Here are 12 suggestions and tips for a fun and productive break that will re-energize you and reinvigorate your New Year.

1. Pat Yourself On the Back for Your Accomplishments

2. Read 2 Books: One to Entertain You, One to Inspire You

3. Challenge Yourself to Find New Music for the New Year

4. Attend An Arts Event and Allow it to Inspire Your Creativity

5. Connect With a Friend That You Do Not See As Often

6. Freshen Up Your Facility: Do 1-2 Things To Freshen Up Your Studio

7. Begin Your Strategy for Future Studio Planning

8. Watch A Movie

9. Disconnect: Schedule Some Time to Recharge

10. Be the Student: Take a Class (Dance, Yoga, Art, Cooking) and Allow Yourself to Be Taught

11. Give Back: Find A Way to Give Back to the Community

12. Soak Up the Magic of the Holiday Season- Try Not to Rush Through It and Really Enjoy the Magic of the Season


Balance your time off between relaxation and productivity. Do not allow yourself to fall behind; rather, allow yourself the opportunity to envision your success in 2015.

We will not be blogging the week of December 22nd-25th, but we will look forward to rejoining you on December 29th!

Happy Holidays, Dance Execs! Enjoy your Winter Break!

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