Do you remember obsessively collecting Beanie Babies? I remember; some Beanie Babies were more valuable, cutting the tag was a huge no-no, and you displayed your most valuable ones in the plastic display cases. Well, the fad passed, and I had tubs of unused, untouched Beanie Babies. When I opened the studio, I realized I could easily use my leftover Beanie Babies as a prop in the dance studio classroom.

 Here are some great uses for our plastic-pellet filled friends:

  • As a prop in bean bag skills songs
  • As the “obstacle” to leap over in teaching and practicing Grand Jete
  • As spot holders in younger classes (work best for ages 2-3; each dancer picks a Beanie Baby to place in front of his/her designated dance spot; the Beanie Baby “watches” the dancer perform)
  • To squeeze between a dancer’s legs in bunny hop or snake slither in tumbling classes (emphasizes holding the legs together)
  • To practice poise in ballet classes (e.g. ballerina walks across the floor with the bean bag on the head)

Some of my favorite bean bag skill songs include:

  1. Teddy Bear Toss by Hap Palmer
  2. Bean Bag Alphabet Rag by Hap Palmer
  3. The Bean Bag Dance by Greg & Steve

Dancers love the colorful animals, and each week, they approach the activity with excitement because of the versatility in the animals and choices.

If you do not have a leftover collection of Beanie Babies, you can purchase lots of them online (e.g. via ebay) for a very reasonable price. Once you have your collection ready to go, trim the tags, and look forward to the smiles  and excitement on your dancers’ faces!

beanie babies

One Response to Beanie Babies in the Studio

  1. Valerie K says:

    I was just searching Amazon for bean bags for my Creative Movement classes and couldn’t find ones with consistently good reviews. This is a perfect substitute!! I hope my mom still has my giant bag of Beanie Babies tucked away in a closet somewhere!