1. Be Hard-Working. Come to class prepared, focused, and ready to work. Absorb the information given to you and apply it. Whether it is a correction, a new skill, or a constructive critique, do your best, work your hardest, and make the appropriate application in your dancing.

2. Be Aware. Be aware of yourself and others. Learn from others, share with others, and allow yourself to fully engage in the classroom environment.

3. Be Respectful. Respect yourself, your instructors, and your peers. Respect everyone. Appreciate each person’s individual journey in the art of the dance.

4. Be Pro-Active. Maintain your training. Ask questions. Practice. Take responsibility for your success.

5. Be Eager. Involve yourself in every facet of the dance industry. Take classes, perform, research the field, and attend performances. Immerse yourself in knowledge.

6. Be Basic. Never be above the basics. They are in place for a reason and will make you a better dancer.

7. Be Technical. Be Stylistic. Be a Performer. Be a technician and know the fundamentals of all styles. Be stylistic and able to interpret and convey the artistic vision of a piece. Be a performer, capable of translating the technique and style through your movement and performance.

8. Be Well-Rounded. Train proficiently in all styles. Challenge yourself to be an equal dancer on your right and left sides.

9. Be Appreciative. Take time to be grateful for your accomplishments, your failures, your opportunities, and your experiences.  Each will impact you in its own, unique way.

10. Be Passionate. Never forget what brought you to dance. Stay passionate and share your passion with others. Use it to make an impact.


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