Entitlement in children is a frequent topic of conversation, particularly in the field of dance education. Recently, someone shared a parenting article entitled Simple Ways to Challenge Entitlement in Kids by Jenny Friedman, Ph.D.

The article is great (and exciting) because several of the tips may also be applied and practiced in the dance studio environment.

  • Ask students to care for the studio. Encourage responsibility for personal belongings and taking care of the space.
  • Incorporate community service and volunteer opportunities into your programming. Lead by example.
  • Practice gratitude and appreciation- for students’ instructors, peers, and family.
  • Emphasize kindness.
  • Encourage self-awareness- how might others perceive a child’s behavior or actions?
  • Set (and maintain) boundaries.

At Dance Exec, we discuss many of these bullet points in separate posts. It is exciting and invigorating to see that these collective components can shape our students into better dancers and citizens, which is our ultimate mission and goal as dance educators.