At the studio, dancers of all ages are required to take ballet if they take jazz, contemporary, modern, etc (and ballet is highly encouraged for all students). After all, ballet is the foundation of all styles and is essential in promoting a well-trained, well-rounded dancer.

The ballet topic has recently been at the forefront of industrial discussion. It is important to note that students should not just be taught’ ballet’, they should be taught correct ballet. More often than not, this requires a structured, detailed, hands-on approach in explaining and illustrating appropriate technical movement. If ballet is taught incorrectly, it will negatively impact dancers’ training and technique in all disciplines of dance .

On May 3rd, 2013, Dance Informa posted a wonderful article, Why Do I Have to Take Ballet? If you have not had a chance to read it, check it out and share it with your dancers. The Ballet Foundation Facebook Page also offers wonderful insight and guidance to the classical world of ballet and appropriate class etiquette. Ballet Shoes and Bobby Pins is a great blog featuring ballet information. Find and use available ballet-based resources and share them with your students and parents.

Parents (and students) may not always understand the necessity or the importance of ballet training, but if you explain it to them and present it as a core component of the structural integrity of your programming, they will appreciate your investment in your dancers’ success. And, your students’ success is your number one priority.

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