The Bathroom Brigade- it happens right when the class is rolling and everyone is super focused. One student announces their need to potty, and like dominoes, everyone else wants to join the Potty Party. Soon thereafter, a full brigade is rushing to the bathroom. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean!

To decrease the instances of in-class potty parties, I always try to reiterate to parents and students that everyone should potty before class (and, we include that in our policies, as well). When they ask to go in-class, I ask if it is an emergency or if they can wait. Generally, their response indicates if it is or isn’t an emergency! While it may require a few instances of repetition (just repeat it every week… like a broken record), the children (and their parents) will eventually learn the run down.

But, until then, be patient… 🙂