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Hi Dance Exec!

My name is Reyna Cruz and I am the Owner/Artistic Director of
Break-Free Dance Studio. (
I recently opened a Worship Dance Studio in the Bethlehem, PA area. I am
looking for some exposure and marketing avenues that will help to get the
word out that we exist. I use social media and some flyers, however, we are
still in the “newness” of things. We have been open for 1 yr as of Jan 14,
2013. We are the only studio of our kind in the Eastern region of PA.

I appreciate your suggestions, advice on connections, etc.

Thank you! Your site has been a huge help!!

Reyna E. Cruz


Hi Reyna!

Congratulations on your new studio! I visited your website, and it looks as though you have created a wonderful niche market studio. To expand your marketing efforts, I would reach out and connect with every worship center in your area. Let them know that your studio exists and is available for performances. Offer members of the worship communities a complimentary trial class at your studio. Maybe your studio could even visit youth groups at varying worship centers in your area and offer complimentary demo classes?

When you make these visits, distribute nice postcards featuring your branding (I recommend Overnight Prints for card printing purposes.) The best way to build your brand is through interpersonal connections and word of mouth referrals, and, as a new business, that requires a lot of grassroots efforts. It will require a larger investment in time, but I think will you notice long-term results.

It could also be great if you created an Open House event for your studio and invited all of your connections to the event (worship communities, youth groups, etc.). You could offer complimentary demo classes, tours, and crafts/games. This would be an excellent way to build your studio’s reputation in the community. Allow yourself enough time to organize and market the event; that will be key to the event’s success!

For your social media,  link-up your connections on EVERYTHING (postcards, website, emails, etc.) and make sure your handles/urls are consistently representative of your studio’s branding. Do not forget to build your social media from the inside, too. Offer incentives for your current clients to engage in social media. Determine the most appealing, engaging posts for your audience. For example, we have found pictures to be most the successful tool in engaging our Facebook audience. Brainstorm ways to connect with your community via Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, too. Keep your blog updated and use it as a platform to feature the unique qualities of your studio.

I remember when we first opened we used so many grassroots efforts– putting signs out in nearby shopping centers, handing out business cards, visiting preschools, setting up at every festival imaginable, and teaching a lot of complimentary demo classes. I am very grateful we took that approach, and we will often re-visit those tactics within our current marketing strategies.

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Keep us updated on your success! And, feel free to email us with any future questions or concerns, too.



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