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Dear Dance Exec,

I own a studio in an area with several local dance shops. Our studio provides our clients with a list of recommended retail stores in the area, as well as their location and contact information. As of late, we have received several complaints about the service at the shop that is closest to our studio (and consequently the most convenient). We do not want to look bad by referring people to a place with substandard service, but we also want to be sure to provide our clients with convenient options. Do you have any suggestions?



Proposed Solution:

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your question, and I certainly understand your frustration. I believe in the power of shopping local, and I love your support for your community. However, even though a shop is located conveniently to your studio, it is not worth compromising your clients’ customer service experiences if they are consistently having negative interactions with this particular shop. I wouldn’t recommend blatantly deterring clients from the shop, but I would remove the store from your list of recommended places. When you present your clients with a list, reiterate that you only recommend stores that are reflective of the culture of your studio.

If your clients are concerned about the inconvenience of the other locations, you could explore having a dance shop set up at your studio for a day to build the relationship (perhaps around the start of a season), or you could refer your clients to online dance retailers.

 Have a wonderful day!

 Chasta Hamilton Calhoun

The Dance Exec

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