Every Monday, I receive an eLink, the weekly newsletter of the Junior League of Raleigh. I’m thrilled to serve on the Leadership Council of this wonderful organization, and our current President, Pat Wilkins’, frequently shares thought-provoking sentiments.

Last week, Pat shared some wonderful thoughts from Lucy P. Marcus, a leadership columnist, CEO and non-executive director on a number of boards. Ms. Marcus’ words reminded me of many people I know in the dance industry, ranging from studio owners to instructors to adjudicators to master teachers to personal friends; these people are Dance Execs, and I know many of you are, too.

The article’s ending thoughts also articulate the responsibility and opportunity we have in working with young women on a regular basis.

When you read the sentiments, I think you will agree.

Though successful women are often prone to credit luck for their success, it is mostly hard work and perseverance that brings women to the top of their field. These are the women who never settle for the mediocre, are perpetually restless and striving, and who know that real success can only be found by crossing time zones, cultures, and cruising through stop signs.

Characteristics of the most successful people are motivation, natural curiosity, courage, self-management, enjoying being stretched and rising to a challenge, personal will and fortitude, drive, and flexibility.

The most successful women in the world have grabbed every opportunity afforded to them, and have created opportunities for themselves, harnessing their fears and doubts.

Never settling, always being driven and always seeking new experiences – these are the hallmarks of the most successful women, and indeed men, in the world. We must all play a part in helping young women succeed, as our countries, economies and futures depend on their success.

Pat then posed a question to us that I will now present to you.

Dance Execs-  “What challenges and successes will cause you to grow today? This week? This month? This year?” Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or via email at info@danceexec.com.

Have an amazing weekend!

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