ScentAir entered the dance studio a couple of years ago. Since scent is a highly powerful sense, it has always been incredibly important that our studio have a pleasant fragrance to enhance our clients’ studio experience, and this seemed like the most advantageous option.

With ScentAir, we have a unit that infiltrates fragrance throughout a large area. We custom select scents for each month, so December may smell like a Christmas tree; January may smell like snow; August may smell like the beach, October may smell like a pumpkin, etc. ScentAir will bring in a kit of fragrances so that you can choose your monthly fragrance selections.

The client response to this product has been overwhelmingly positive!

The product has excellent customer service, successfully accomplishes its goal, and enhances the environment of the studio. Since we have transitioned to ScentAir, we have noticed ScentAir units at hotels, malls, and boutiques. Aside from the obvious benefit of the product, ScentAir is also a member of IFRA, North America, an organization committed to ensuring the safety of fragrance materials through a dedicated science program. Read more about their safety standards here.

For more information on ScentAir and bringing the product to your studio, visit:

(As far as pricing, ScentAir is paid as a monthly fee. There are many price points and factors to consider when determining what will best serve your studio. We recommend contacting a ScentAir consultant for more details.)