A couple of years ago, it was a pleasure to introduce our readers to Petite Feet. Imagine my delight when I realized Liz created a second DVD- Petite Feet 2: The Alphabet Jungle.

Last week, I tested the new DVD on a few groups of students ages 2-5, and the students absolutely loved it! They were excited about ballet and learning, and I am excited to instill some of the exercises and concepts into my dance classes on a consistent basis.

The 35-minute DVD is broken down into the following segments:

  • Floor Stretches: The floor stretch segment of this DVD is simply outstanding. It includes a foot stretch story, song stretches, and unique ways to incorporate flexibility and body identification. This segment also utilizes rhythm exercises and language skills.
  • Ballet Combinations: The ballet combinations include multiple skills in unique patterns. This segment focuses on letter recognition as well as skill recognition and patterning. The vocabulary is easy to learn and use because it is set to songs and familiar tunes.
  • Dance Game: The DVD presents freeze dance in a different angle, encouraging students to use their ballet technique with basic concepts of shading (heavy, light, etc.). This is a creative approach that will promote students to think outside of the box.
  • Ballet Story with Locomotor Skills, Spelling, Letter Identification, and Stylization. The ballet story on the this DVD is excellent! Using locomotor movements, the dancers act out a journey to the Alphabet Jungle that entails a quest to obtain all of the letters to spell “BALLET”. Of course, each letter requires a movement, and the process of the story is an effective way to incorporate and present a variety of skills in a fun and imaginative way!

At the end of the activities, my students were excited about dance AND language! We debriefed the exercise, and each student could recollect a favorite moment. This DVD was a major, major hit, and I will certainly be incorporating concepts into some of my classes on a regular basis! Priced at $20, this is a must-have resource for your studio library!


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