Dance recital season is an incredibly busy time. When selecting costumes for your dancers, you want to choose companies that are reliable, accessible, and invested in the success of your studio. Curtain Call Costumes takes the initiative to guarantee they are doing everything in their power to help you succeed in an efficient, stress-free way.

Here are some of the ways Curtain Call has distinguished their brand as a leader in exceptional service for the dance costuming industry:

  • Relationship ManagersCurtain Call’s Relationship Managers exist to make your customer service experience personal and strong. Have a last minute issue? Your Relationship Manager will help solve the problem. Have questions or problems with an order or ship date? Your Relationship Manager will do everything in her power to accommodate your needs. From my personal experience, I am consistently impressed with my Relationship Manager’s willingness to respond, engage, and help with any and every situation. This year, our Relationship Manager will even attend our annual performance. How wonderful is that?
  • Ease of Online Ordering & Processing. Curtain Call’s online ordering system is easy to use, making it convenient for studios to place their orders late-night, holidays, or weekends (our ‘free time’ 🙂 ). The company is very vigilant about sending order confirmations and detailed packing slips in every shipment. Costumes arrive packaged in hanging bags with accessories attached (and, costumes arrive when they say they will arrive, and they often arrive even earlier).
  • Versatility in Product Selection. Curtain Call is consistently aware of the evolutionary design needs required in the costume industry. From their Trends Collection to the First Call line (and every line in between), Curtain Call stays abreast of current styles and works to provide new, stunning designs for dancers of all ages. Several times, Curtain Call has interviewed the studio and asked for our personal opinions on differing designs/updates to products. Allowing their customers to be heard is another example of their exceptional customer service.

When it comes to costume selection, it is important to work with a brand that is eager to work with you. Curtain Call is making a mark as an exceptional service leader in the dance costume industry, and it is not going unnoticed. The tagline of the company is, “Your performance is our passion”, and, I completely believe that is true.

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