How amazing is it to see boys and men representing dance?! We love having boys at our studio, and we love the fact that boysdancetoo exists as a central online shopping location for men and boys to obtain all of their in-class dance apparel and product needs. This site is definitely filling an underrepresented market that is much needed in the dance industry.

 Boysdancetoo offers stylish shirts, hoodies, tights, pants, shorts, one-pieces, warm-ups, shoes, dance belts, accessories, bags, buttons, and dvds. The following brands are carried: boysdancetoo, Freed, Grishko, Lignes, KD Dance, Motionwear, Mstevens, Repetto, Sansha, and Wearmoi. The site even offers outfit suggestions and featured looks.

We have been referring boysdancetoo for quite some time, and our parents have had the most exceptional customer service experiences with the company. Check out this order that arrived for one of our 6-year old students prior to the start of competition season (the note is from company co-founder, Michael):

boys dance too cust service

Pretty impressive, huh?

To top that, the other company co -founder, Sarah,  has personally reached out the studio, building our relationship and inquiring about our studio’s specific needs. The company goes above and beyond and truly cares about the appearance of our boys!

In addition to all of these wonderful things, you can also list your studio on the boysdancetoo website if you offer programming for boys. This is a great, complimentary way to showcase your studio supports male dancers. As of this morning, 36 studios were listed on the page. I know there are more studios that offer boys’ programming, and I encourage you to submit your program via this link.

So, let’s get going and spread the word about this amazing site!  Sarah & Michael have created a wonderful place for our boys to stylishly and comfortably purchase their dance apparel. They are building a community, and I have been exceptionally impressed with their evolution thus far. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store with this incredible company!

boys dance too