Almost exactly two years ago, we published a post about Inclement Weather Policies.

While it is incredibly important to have a consistent policy and system, last year we revised our policy to state:

(Insert Dance Studio Name)  generally follows (Insert School System’s Name) schedule for inclement weather. If (School County) is closed, the studio will usually be closed; however, there may be instances where the studio will be open. For inclement weather information, please rely on social media and email. We will communicate this information in a timely manner. Missed classes will be made up in the same way as a regular absence. Absence make up policies vary depending on the type of class or camp. Please see the guidelines for the specific activity. Classes missed due to inclement weather will not be reason for tuition reimbursement.

This way, if the schools close for an extended series of day, we have the flexibility to not be closed for all of the days. Yesterday, the school system cancelled after school activities, but we were still able to hold classes. We genuinely only cancel if the roads and conditions are potentially hazardous to our students, families, and staff. Find a policy that works for your program and make sure your studio families are informed.

minion snow day