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Our vision is to help dance studio owners achieve success in their businesses in an accessible and affordable manner. We realize that many owners find motivation and satisfaction with the artistic side of studio ownership yet are bogged down with the logistical side. Therefore, we focus our resources and services to help streamline the business-related aspects of studio ownership.

Web Resources

Breadth of Information, Free for Everyone. We offer a variety of resources through our website free of charge. Our guides provide a systematic approach to many facets of running a studio, and our blog articles provide relevant information on a consistent basis. We review dance-related products as they come to market, provide monthly music suggestions for the studio environment, interview industry professionals, and cover a wide span of special interest topics as well.


  • fresh perspective: we approach our content with an open mind and a desire to help.
  • industry expertise: we have learned what works and what doesn’t work from our experience with a variety of studios. We pull from a vast set of innovative ideas we have learned from others and developed ourselves.
  • systematic approach: we have implemented a set of systems in our own studio that solve many of the problems we have seen in other studios – and we want to help you develop systems that work for your studio as well.
  • accountability and focus: regardless of format, the time we spend working together will enable you to define goals, implement strategies, and measure success from a place of clarity.

The Original Dance Exec: Chasta Hamilton

Chasta owns Stage Door Dance Productions in Raleigh, North Carolina. Shelaunched the studio after graduating from college. In two short years, their studio grew from a well-planned idea to a successful business at the top of the competitive Raleigh/Durham market.