As everything is winding down for the holidays, you are likely starting to think about your 2015-2016 Dance Season Schedule. In this profession, the planning never stops!

Each year, we consider our current classes and levels and will re-formulate the infrastructure to best serve our students. Over the holidays, we will calculate the students’ current levels to determine the general amount of classes we need per division for the upcoming year (accounting for projected studio growth). From there, we will also determine if any other divisions are necessary to accommodate a distribution in skill set (more advanced, more beginner, etc.).

While this process takes time, it guarantees that our classes are serving the needs of our clients.  This enables us to have a more accurate projection for the upcoming year,which lessens the likelihood of cancelling or not filling classes.

Try to never become complacent and offer levels only because its what you have done in the past or because it is what is easy. Be proactive in your planning and guarantee you are offering your students the best options possible for their dance needs.

This strategy works for our studios, and I am confident it will work for you, as well!



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